1. Can You Improve Your Immune System

    Even though flu season is beginning to taper off, you are still prone to catch an illness as the temperature fluctuates. Strengthening your immune system to fend off disease-causing microorganisms can be tough to do, as bacteria and germs are always evolving and adapting in order to survive. These are some of the steps you can take to improve your immune system and fight off illness. If a germ doe…Read More

  2. When to See a Sports Physician

    No matter what your level of physical activity is, there might come a time when you are injured while working out or playing sports. Everyone from professional athletes to weekend softball players run into pain that a sports physician can diagnose, treat, and help prevent future issues. However, not every situation will require a visit to a sports physician. With that being said, we wanted to put …Read More

  3. The Benefits of Annual Physical Exams

    When you are feeling well, it can seem like a waste of time to go to the doctor. However, even when you’re feeling healthy, getting an annual physical exam can help ensure you stay in good health for years to come. We’ve gathered some of the many benefits you stand to gain by making annual physical exams a priority for you and your family. To schedule a physical exam today, call us at Chicagol…Read More

  4. Reducing Your Risk Of Cervical Cancer

    Cervical cancer can sound very scary, but thankfully, it is one of the few cancers that is almost entirely preventable. We have gathered some information to help you avoid cervical cancer. If you are in need of complete women’s healthcare, call Chicagoland Complete Healthcare to set an appointment today. We have the knowledge and experience to help you live your best life. -What causes cervical …Read More

  5. Tips to Fight the Flu

    The holidays have come and gone, but the bitter cold has stuck around. After family gatherings and shopping for presents you’ve been exposed to a lot of germs, and it’s pretty likely you got sick. While there is sadly no cure for the flu and the common cold, there are some steps you can take to ease your symptoms and bounce back stronger. If you are dealing with a cold and need some extra help…Read More

  6. 7 Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

    Sports injuries aren’t just something that you see pop up on SportsCenter that ruin your fantasy team; many people play sports recreationally on their weekends. Trained athletes and regular Joes and Jills alike can all get hurt playing sports. What are the most common injuries we see? Sprained ankle Pulled Groin Strained hamstring Shin splints Torn ACL Patellofemoral Syndrome (damage to cartilag…Read More

  7. Getting the Most Out of Your Physical Exam

    Getting an annual physical is not typically on the top of people’s lists for things they like to do. They can be scary! But you don’t need to be scared. We’re going to give you some tips for how to get the most out of your exam and make it as painless as possible. After all, this exam is purely for your benefit. You may as well maximize your time with the doctor. -Make a List It can be hard …Read More

  8. Your Guide to Sports Medicine

    When most people think of sports medicine, they automatically think of professional athletes or people who spend most of their waking hours at the gym working to chisel their physique. However, you don't have to be a pro or a bodybuilder to see a sports medicine doctor. The fact of the matter is that many people could benefit from sports medicine in Chicago, but not many people understand what it …Read More

  9. What to Know about Well Woman Exams

    Every woman should make getting Well Woman Exams a priority. Well Woman Exams are an important part of your health and wellness, but unfortunately, not every woman sees the importance in getting exams on a regular basis. Whether you understand the importance of Well Woman Exams or not, there are a few things about them that every woman should know. So, without further ado, here are a few need-to-k…Read More

  10. Welcome to Chicagoland Complete Healthcare

    When you need a primary care physician in Chicago, you need Chicagoland Complete Healthcare. Your health is a big deal, and it's not something that you should entrust to just any primary care physician in Chicago. Whether you or one of your family members is injured, sick or just in need of an examination, it's important to find a physician you can trust and rely on. At Chicagoland Complete Health…Read More