1. How Medical Research is Failing Women (Part 2)

    Preventative health care is vital to women’s health and asking the right questions leads to better care. In part one, we examined how medical research has not only excluded women in the emergence of modern medicine but how, even today, the progress is slow. Join us in today’s post as we continue the conversation and arm you with critical questions to ask your doctor. The Slow, But Changing Med…Read More

  2. How Medical Research is Failing Women (Part 1)

    When women are included in medical research it leads to better health outcomes and healthier women. If you are a woman, getting quality health care has its opportunities. The inception and development of modern medicine didn’t include women in clinical trials, thus completely evading the biological differences in men and women and how they respond to different treatments. How a man responds to a…Read More

  3. Preventing Cognitive Health Issues

    Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are cognitive health concerns that seniors face and many of us fear as we get older. While early research told us that nothing could be done but to wait around and hope for a cure, current research is much more hopeful. New evidence is finding that cognitive health issues can possibly be prevented, slowed, and reversed through a combination of lifestyle changes. We…Read More

  4. The Most Common Health Issues You Face As A Senior

    Aging is a part of our human experience, and while it seems daunting — the wrinkles, the aches and pains, and the commercial for “help, I've fallen and can’t get up” — it is something we don’t all ponder until we are actually seniors! At Chicagoland Complete Healthcare, we are aware that the senior population is on the rise, so we offer adult medicine and geriatrics in preventative wel…Read More

  5. What Your Moles Are Trying To Tell You

    Skin health often reflects what is going on internally, and moles are one of the biggest visible indicators of melanoma or skin cancer. It’s easy to dismiss and ignore a mole because it can be difficult to determine if it’s changing. As we age, adult medicine is important for illness and disease prevention, and at Chicagoland, we offer dermatological screenings to help prevent and detect skin …Read More

  6. All About Trigger Point Injections

    When you’re an athlete, you’re looking for any advantage to either prevent an injury or recover from one more quickly. There are many modalities athletes use, including chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy — trigger point therapy being one treatment that is often underrepresented but very advantageous. Trigger point therapy is just one of the sports medicine services we offer at Ch…Read More

  7. Benefits of Seeing a Sports Physician

    Are you an athlete looking to stay in peak condition? Maybe you’re just passionate about exercising and staying fit? Either way, you can benefit from seeing a sports physician. Every sport and physical activity — from golf to football, running to weightlifting — puts your body through a great deal of wear and tear. By working with a sports physician, you can learn how to take care of your bo…Read More

  8. 5 Summer Illnesses to Watch Out For

    Summer is in full swing and as you can tell from the sweltering heat, we’re in the thick of it. While many people associate getting sick with the winter, there are some common summer illnesses you should be aware of. Nothing can stop a day of fun in the sun faster than one of these illnesses or afflictions. However, when you know what to watch out for, you can steer clear of these day derailers.…Read More

  9. Tips for a Healthy Summer

    Summer is just around the corner, but it’s important that you don’t take your health for granted while you’re having fun in the sun. Staying healthy in the summer doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can actually make your activities much more enjoyable. With that in mind, we’ve gathered six tips to help you stay healthy this summer. If you’re in Chicago and need medical services, l…Read More

  10. Why Are Well-Baby Visits Important?

    When you bring home your baby, it can feel pretty daunting trying to keep track of all the things you need to handle so they can be happy and healthy as they grow up. Nutrition, sleeping, and avoiding illness are just a few on a long list of important tasks to be managed. To ensure your baby is growing up healthy, it is vital you have regular well-baby visits with your pediatrician throughout thei…Read More